Monday, March 18, 2013

My crocheting

Santa Ramirez

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Plarn bag

Granny stripe baby blanket

Granny blanket progress

More progress

Crochet clutch

Inside lining

Pink Cloche

Granny stripe scarf

Start of a plarn bag

Blanket progress


Simple crochet washcloth

Ribbed washcloth

Purple cloche 

Amigirimi Bunny

Rose Cloche

Start of my blanket
Great news i finished my Granny Stripe Blanket, I started it last October and had been working on it off an on in-between other project.  Thanks to the pattern i got from Attic24, my blanket is big enough for my queen size bed.  Also these are all the other stuff i have been working. Thanks to all the blogs i follow and their great ideas and free patterns starting with, and please go by and see all these web-sites they have a lot to offer.  These items were all given as gifts for Christmas except for the clutch purse and the large granny stripe blanket those were for me. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is a dress i made.

I made one for Vickie also.
This dress i made from a pattern from Sis Boom called the Jamie Dress.
This is a summer top.
This is my first try at making a clutch purse, not so hot but i like it.
This  is another dress from the pattern from See & Sew  # B5734.
 This one is from the same pattern, just a different bodice.
 And this one is the same as the orange ones i made for Vickie and me, it's from New Look # 0113.
Hope to be making soon.  I an planning to make some baby blankets for some up coming babies in September and December.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ucreate: Luxe Lovey Tutorial by Aesthetic Nest

Ucreate: Luxe Lovey Tutorial by Aesthetic Nest:       I'm Anneliese and my blog, Aesthetic Nest , journals all the creative things I enjoy. I love nothing better than making somethi...

Refashioned Dresses

I have also been on a sewing kick. First off  I have refashioned this yellow Mexican style mumu dress, which was way to big for me.  And the white one which was nice but i wanted something a bit cooler, Houston is way to hot to wear anything to heavy in the summer time, my Vickie liked it.  As you can see i cut off the sleeves and the top half so i plan on using these pieces for a clutch purse.  
This is what I have been doing lately, the yellow ones I made for my niece Ashley while i was visiting in AZ. The others I've made since getting back home. I got this idea from .   The purple and red pair are from a tutorial at  please go check them out for more ideas. 

Ucreate: Bandanna Drawstring Backpack Tutorial

Ucreate: Bandanna Drawstring Backpack Tutorial:     Supply List   4 Bandannas (unfolded and ironed) 4 yards of Craft Cord or thin rope (this is a generous amount) Large Eyelet Faste...

Naturally Mindful: Natural Flea Prevention

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My Merry Messy Life: Hydrogen Peroxide - An Amazing Green Bleach Altern...

My Merry Messy Life: Hydrogen Peroxide - An Amazing Green Bleach Altern...: So, my washcloths are getting really stinky, and washing them isn't helping because that nasty mildew has set in. In my past life, I would...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well I'm done with this part of  my project.   The lid is yellow, i haven't made a hole in it yet, need some ideas
i'm thinking of melting it with my glue gun but then what, will it still catch my yarn???, will it just burn??? i would hate to ruin the lid.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yarn-ball Saver

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I still can't get how to get this posting and photos together :( when i think i got it, well as you can see i don't. Any whoo there are my separate post, i am learning slowly one day i'll even surprise myself. Will check back with the finished project.
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This is what i'm working on now. I have seen some very nice ceramic jars on the internet for your yarn, to keep it clean for one and keep it from unraveling. Also to keep the pets paws and hair off of it. As you can see we drink a lot of tea here, so i came up with this idea of recycling this can for my yarn. I thought of covering it with some pretty paper mod podge style but i decided to us my scrapes of yarn instead. I started with a base and then went up like you would when making a basket. As for the top i will be cutting a hole in the lid for the yarn to thru but i don't know yet how i will do it. Since the lid is plastic i'm thinking of using the hot glue gun to melt it and hope that this will keep from catching or snagging the yarn as it passes thru. Any ideas would be would be greatly appreciated.